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Fadmo Health and Home Care is dedicated to providing quality supportive HOME CARE SERVICES in an ethical manner to all clients in their homes, or whether as a sitter in an acute Care setting.
Our services are, performed with dignity and respect for all our clients and is ,  available to individuals of all ages regardless of their sexual orentation, race, creed, religious beliefs, disability or nationality of origin. Fadmo  health and Home Care Agency. will service all types of family setups as long as the person needs the care!
Fadmo Health and Home Care. also supports the CARE GIVER staff i.e. professionals, non professionals and support staff

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by providing CONTINUOUS EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES through in service training and dissemination of information as it pertains to their respective job duties. Fadmo Health and Home Care. will brings safety and health maintenance to people within the communities that we serve. As a leader in health EDUCATION and health maintenance, the agency will continue to provide the latest HEALTH INFORMATION to both client and staff.

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New Born Child Care

Adult/ Elderly Medical Care

Patients Care

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  • Fadmo services people from birth to death
  • Adult /Ederly
  • Adult/Elderly with acute exacerbation of chronic illness
  • Adult/ Elderly with acute medical needs
  • Adult/Elderly with HIV/AIDS patients
  • Adult/Elderly patients with terminal conditions
  • Pediatric
  • To asertain that only qualified and trained personnel are employed in the care of patients

Your health information is safe with us. Confidentiality is your right and our responsibilty to maintain.

Fadmo Health and Home Care Agency

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Staten Island, NY 10304
United States

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